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Bill Gates on Renewable Energy

Bill Gates, alongside other billionaires, has just announced a multi-billion dollar private sector coalition to accelerate the development of clean energy solutions. Solar chemical technology, flow batteries, and solar paint are just a few of the things getting him excited enough to invest. (more…)Bill Gates on Renewable Energy

Solar Energy and how California is Cashing in

28 May 2014 --- Westlands Solar Park is 20 mw solar farm constructed on brownfield land near Interstate 5 in Fresno County in the Central Valley of California. It is built on unusable former agriculture land due to excess salt pollution. --- Image by © Proehl Studios/Corbis The residents of California used to have lots of literal cash crops: nuts, fruits, vegetables. But now thanks to the drought, water supply has been incredibly limited for the past three years. The soil is dry, plants are dying, and the only thing that the state is producing in great excess is sunshine. (more…)Solar Energy and how California is Cashing in

Santa Fe Sports Latest Fashions in Solar Energy

Santa Fe Sports Latest Fashions in Solar EnergyLots of people in Santa Fe are familiar with the Heath Foundation due to the many large-scale events it has hosted in the Railyard and elsewhere. But people are going to recognize the name, now, for an even bigger reason. Just last month they hosted a Los Lobos concert at the Lensic Performing Arts Center – a massive show that nearly sold out – at which their president Jim Heath announced his latest project: the HeathSUN Project to “solarize” Santa Fe. (more…)Santa Fe Sports Latest Fashions in Solar Energy

Cincy Incentivizes Solarizing

Photo of Cincinnati Ohio skyline  and downtown city office buildings including Great American Ballpark, Great American Insurance Group Tower, PNC Tower building, Omnicare building, US Bank building, Carew Tower building, and Scripps Center building. Photo was taken in July 2012. If you live in the city of Cincinnati and have been considering going solar, you’re in luck. Just this month, the mayor and a local nonprofit organization have announced initiatives to make Cincy a greener city: a campaign called “Solarize Cincy.” At a meeting at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, which itself has an Energy Garden decked out in PVC panels, Mayor John Cranley announced that city residents who installed solar panels would get a refund of up to $1,500. Cranley says this is the city’s way of “putting our money where our mouth is.” (more…)Cincy Incentivizes Solarizing

Navy makes Biggest Investment in Renewable Energy by Federal Entity to Date

It has just been announced that the Department of the Navy (DON) has decided to invest in a 210 megawatt solar farm to be installed in the Arizona desert. This project, which will provide solar energy to fully power 80,000 homes in California, will officially be the largest investment in renewable energy to have been made by a federal entity. This is one of many efforts, however, being made by the Department of Defense to use less oil in its processes. (more…)Navy makes Biggest Investment in Renewable Energy by Federal Entity to Date

What’s Next in Solar Energy?

future of solar copySolar energy has come a long way: in a lot of US regions, it’s just as cost-efficient as an energy option as the standard electricity grid, and a lot more eco-friendly than using non-renewable resources such as coal and natural gas. Just because innovators have been able to drive the costs down and output up so effectively, though, doesn’t mean we’re going to stop here. In fact, solar still has a ways to go if we want it to be the best option it can be. (more…)What’s Next in Solar Energy?