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Adaptive writing and reading instruction in iSTART and W-Pal

Adaptive writing and reading instruction in iSTART and W-Pal

Amy Johnson, Kathryn S. McCarthy, Kristopher J. Kopp, Cecile A. Perret, Danielle McNamara

Research production : Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceeding › Conference contribution

Smart tutoring systems for ill-defined domain names, such as for example reading and writing, are critically required, yet unusual. Two such systems, the Interactive Strategy Training for Active Reading and Thinking (iSTART) and Writing Pal (W-Pal) utilize normal language processing (NLP) to evaluate learners’ written (for example., typed) responses and offer instant, accurate feedback. The current paper reports on efforts to implement adaptive instruction and task selection into both systems. In iSTART, we create a practice that is new, by which learners’ previous performance data governs two adaptive functionalities: 1) the employment of self-explanation scaffolding and 2) the rise or loss of trouble of training texts. In W-Pal, adaptivity is implemented by triggering targeted instructional help on the cornerstone of deficits identified in learners’ essays. In this paper, we describe the necessity for adaptive writing and reading instruction, together with the design and growth of adaptivity within the two systems.

Original language English (US)
Title of host book FLAIRS 2017 – procedures associated with the International that is 30th Florida Intelligence analysis community Conference
Publisher AAAI Press
Pages 561-566
amount of pages 6
ISBN (Electronic) 9781577357872
State Published – 2017
occasion 30th Overseas Florida synthetic Intelligence analysis community Conference, FLAIRS 2017 – Marco Island, United States
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